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Magical Memories Travel Mentorship Program

Disney Specialist


Becoming a Certified Disney Specialist is just the tip of the iceberg in the training you will need to succeed as a Disney Travel Consultant.  If you are new to this industry, you probably have a million questions and concerns you’d like to discuss with someone who has experience.  Disney’s training is fun and exciting and it prepares you to sell Disney Destinations to your clients, but it doesn’t help you set up or run a successful travel business.  That’s where I come in.


I will teach you how and where to find your clients

I will walk you through the booking and invoicing process step-by-step

I will provide on-demand assistance during office hours – 1 hour call back window any other time

I will teach you how to provide the concierge level services your clients will demand

I will give you tips and information for how to structure and set-up your business

I will help you plan group cruises aboardDisney Cruise Line

I will help you establish a web presence and use social media to promote your business


Although we specialize in Disney, you will be able to sell any travel product a client demands

You’ll have access to Disney Agent Rate specials (when offered) for your own travel


The up-front fee for my services is $400.00; this includes:


Establishing you as an independent contractor affiliated with a host agency

Weekly phone training sessions

On demand access to help and support

E and O insurance as provided by host



The commission split for the first year, or until you’ve generated $75,000.00 in sales, is 50/50; this split is after 10% service fee is paid to host. After meeting this goal, or completing one year of training, you can choose to operate without further training or mentorship, thereby keeping all commissions to which you’re entitled after establishing yourself with the host agency of your choice, or you can elect to remain with Magical Memories with a commission split of 70/30 (70 for you, 30 for us) and we will continue to cover the above costs and fees associated with running your business.
















You might be surprised by how often I’m asked how I got my job, in fact just yesterday I explained this to my daughter’s teacher …

I am a former classroom teacher who, due to her love for all things Disney, spent a large percentage of her annual salary on Disney related travel.  Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding profession, and I did have a lot of time off, but there was a huge problem; my time off did not coincide with ANY Disney promotional offers, consequently we paid a lot for our time with Mickey and the gang!

Something HAD to give!   I needed the flexibility to travel at less expensive times of the year; fall and winter, and when Disney offered perks such as Kids Sail Free, or Free Dining at WDW, or Buy a 3 Night Package At Disneyland And Get Two Nights Free! 

I was bad; the minute one Disney vacation had ended, even before I had unpacked, I had already booked the next one; I was hooked, and so was my family! 

That’s how it happened for me – necessity! 

After a lot of research (teacher, remember?) I chose a host agency that offered new agent support, did a great deal of industry training, and finally created my own business paradigm centered on my passion for Disney. 

Disney travelers are unique and they require a special kind of attention from their travel consultant.   They trust Disney with their family memories, but they need an expert to make their dreams come true.  Disney is, and always will be, expensive; clients need for their agent to guide them to the best value for their family.  Disney is a complex vacation product with lots of options and choices … and Disney changes things frequently which means an agent must remain current and up to date on all that Disney has to offer.  In a word: Disney clients expect and demand the same Legendary Guest Service they get from Disney from their agent as well! 

To become a successful Disney Vacation Planner takes a passion for Disney, a willingness to learn the ins and outs of the travel industry, and a mentorship program that focuses on Disney’s Destinations and the unique nature of Disney Travelers! 

If you’d like to discuss how you can become a Disney Travel Specialist, please check this out and then contact me at:


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

Walt Disney